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We wanted to create a new kind of drink, for the kind of people who don’t like to be defined. People who do their own thing, whenever, however and in whatever way that feels good. Something that’s clean, crisp, with a light taste – that you can enjoy anywhere. 93 cals, naturally gluten free and vegan. Win. Win. Win. Made with sparkling water, natural fruit flavour and only 4% alcohol. Three things, for a refreshing threefold experience. Fun, and proper tasty.

KATHRYN, 26 – The Brand Guru

“When we started thinking about this new drink, we wanted to make sure it was different to what’s out there. We wanted it to be something that we’d drink ourselves. So we had a bit of a think about what we could put in it, and did a bit of asking around to see what people thought. Turns out we were on the right lines. So, we made something that was light-tasting and refreshing, with a look to match. You know, something that wouldn’t look out of place at a party, a park or in any of our mates’ hands. And I know I’m biased, but believe me, it’s easily the best new drink to come out of 2020.”


Red Berries 12 pack

Red Berries
12 pack

12 X 330ml – £24

Citrus 12 pack

12 pack

12 X 330ml – £24

Tropical 12 pack

12 pack

12 X 330ml – £24

Mixed flavour

6 pack

6 X 330ml – £12